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Slayers Links

Do you have Slayers website? Just leave me a message and I'll be more than happy to add you! up

Ameban home page Steal With a Kiss, a Slayer fancomic Slayers Fan comic guild True Slayers

Cool Webcomics


  Lovarian Adventures - An epic fantasy webcomic with astounding artwork & storyline.  A must read! Yang Child Van Von Hunter A fun comic about heroes, quests, & a talking bird.  Lot's of action and fantasy goodness! LOGO webcomic Sparkling Generation Valkyrie Yuuki

Tomb of the King -Two travelers search to find the mystery behind a tomb of an ancient king.  Compelling story and great art work!
Hero in the21st Century - An AU (alter universe) Inuyasha fancomic. It's really good and very well written. (contains adult material). 

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Other Links


Anime Web Turnpike - Lots of info about anime/manga.
Comic Genisis - Free comic web hosting, and great comic community.
autokeenlite - An auto updating cgi script I previously used.  It's very good, but I wanted to make use of my web hosts php abilities.
I-strip automated webcomic publishing system - The last comic automizing script I used. It's a big tricky to set up, but was great when everything was up. Has lots of features that I rarely used.
Polykarbon - Good anime/manga tutorials.
Screentones - Free screentones and brushes for photoshop. (I also use their stuff in the comic.)
Blambot - Comic fonts and bubbles (I use their fonts, too).
JavaScriptKit - Tons of java scripts for your web page (some of their scripts are also used when building this site).
LJ Magpie - A nifty php script that allows you to feed your LJ journal to your website.
Hostgator - My current webhost
Live Journal - Blog I use.
NVU - Can't afford Dreamweaver or Frontpage, well this WYSIWYG editor is for you. It's very easy to use, especially if you are new to web coding. Best of all it's FREE!!!