How it all started.

Thoughts of Lana
Sometimes life isn't fair...

"It's been 500 hundred years! Ok...500 years this time period and two years Avon time (if one wants to get technical about it).

Nonetheless, I've been on this island for half of a millenium and I was supposed to go back home in a century or two! Not only that, I'm stuck with Merdok's stupid curse as well. Sigh...just because of one minor error in Judgement, and I'm exiled from my homeland.

One would think that the people of Avon would easily forgive me. I, Allilana of Allawyn, risked my ass everyday by getting rid of all the evil monsters that ran rampant across the land. Yet, they still think I'm some sort of monster because of one tiny mistake. That's gratitude for you.

Sure...the people of this world forgave that legendary sorceress when she nearly blew up the world. Oh, what was her name again (maybe I should of payed attention in class that day)? Well, what she did was far worse then what I've done.

Hey, what am I doing? I let go of those grudges many (many...many...) years ago. I made the best out of my situation, and I'm living a good life here. So, why am I accepting the elders' offer to return to Avon? Why am I going back to a place where I'm not wanted?

Well, I do miss my little brother and Professor Greywords. Although, I'm not too sure I'll be happy to see Marty again. Plus, it's been ages since I visited my parents... Those are good reasons to go back. Perhaps I can convince them to get Merdok to lift this curse. I guess my mind is made up then.

Sigh...I wonder what the elders want me to do in exchange for their offer. I have a funny feeling whatever they make me do isn't going to be a piece of cake."